We vet your next dev team member. So your team can keep building product.


Screen your candidate before your hiring team spends time and effort.


Use our proven code challenges to find the Rockstars in your hiring pipeline.


Receive a complete assessment report of your candidate's performance.

A Hiring Manager's best friend

Use our proven automated assessments to judge a candidate's skill level before spending your hiring team's time.

Test coding skills on the backend (Java, Node, C#, PHP) or frontend (react, AngularJS)

Pick from our ready-to-use assessments or use your own.

Integrate our assessments with your recruiting on HubSpot or jobs website.

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A Recruiter's Technical Sidekick

Know you deliver high-quality candidates to your customers and stand out from the competition!

Invite candidates to take a test via your website or recruiting campaign on HubSpot.

Prove your candidate's skill level with a detailed scorecard.

Find more great candidates more easily!.

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Our Customers


Recruiting developers is difficult and time-consuming. My engineers used to spend considerable time devising and judging assessments and ended up rejecting a large part of the candidates. By delivering assessments via techfu.io, we can determine a candidate's skill level early in the recruiting cycle, allowing my engineers to engage only with candidates that have met our technical bar.

-- Martin van Vliet, VP Engineering, StackState

WKL Consultancy

As a premier recruiter, WKL Consultancy aims to deliver high quality developers to it's customers. By using assessments from techfu.io, I can be sure that the candidates we propose are highly-skilled and thorough.

-- Tim Wong, owner, WKL Consultancy

i-Cruit Inbound Recruitment

i-Cruit specializes in inbound recruiting, designing and implementing strategies to draw candidates to you as an employer based on their professional passion and interests. Techfu.io's services and integration with tools like HubSpot enables us to find the diamonds in the European developer community.

-- Cees Hupkes, owner, i-Cruit

Our Company


techfu.io was founded to improve the technical hiring process by basing candidate evaluation on technical skills, not resumes. As development managers, we experienced first hand the challenges in finding the right candidates. From creating meaningful assessments, to judging the results, the entire recruiting process takes time away from building game-changing products.

techfu.io makes this easy. By providing high quality technical assessments and an automated judging process, candidates' technical skill level can be automatically assessed. The hiring team receives a detailed report about the candidates' strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on the most promising candidates first or left-shift technical assessments completely, delegating them to a recruiter.

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